(100) 3lb packages of live bees.

By: ronzickefoose
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  • From: CLAXTON, GA
  • Distance: 742 miles

Shipment Info

(100) 3lb packages of live bees.

Shipment#: 2246-2246
Category: Livestock
Pickup Window: 3/19/2019 to 3/20/2019
Delivery Date: 3/20/2019
Asking Price: $500.00
Description: The biggest threat to packages of bees in transit is heat. Bees overheat very quickly. Usually shipped in a four horse trailer. The taller and more densely the bees are packed in the trailer, the hotter they will be. A horse trailer usually has sides that open up high, so that wind does not blow right on the bees, but draws hot air off the top, and a breeze circulates through the packages as long as the trailer is moving. Some horse trailers have sides open over half-way down. This is too much wind, and the sides need to be closed up about three quarters of the way up with plywood, or even duct tape and cardboard. Box trailers have no openings and are too hot. Temperature should be monitored and if they get above 78 degrees the bees will need to be lightly misted with a garden sprayer of water. Keeping moving, making only necessary stops for fuel, and running fan's in the trailer is the best way to keep the temperature down.

Item Details

  • Type: Live Honey Bees
  • Weight: 3
  • Quantity: 100
  • Live Honey Bees. 100 packages of 3lb bundled in groups of 5 or 6
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