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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a Roo Coin™ voucher?
A: For drivers only, a Roo Coin™ voucher prepaid e-voucher is your ticket to unlimited bids and/or questions on a single shipment auction. Once you register as a driver, you’re able to choose from four Roo Coin™ voucher packages:
  • 10 Roo Coins for $19.99
  • 30 Roo Coins for $49.99
  • 60 Roo Coins for $94.99
  • 150 Roo Coins for $230
When you sign up as a driver, your first Roo Coin™ voucher is free and will automatically show up in your pouch!
Q: How much does it cost to post a shipment?
A: Posting a shipment is FREE! You can post an unlimited amount of freight for no charge.
Q: Do I, as the “shipper” have to accept a bid offered on a shipment I post?
A: No, shippers can accept the bid they want, or none at all. It’s up to you the shipper. You only accept the bid you want.
Q: How do I know when freight has been posted to my area?
A: The Shipperoo system is designed to notify you automatically when shipments are posted to the areas you specify in your profile. If you want to change those notifications, visit your profile settings.
Q: I can’t remember my password, what do I do?
A: The system allows you to reset your password. A link on the sign-in page will prompt you to enter the email address you provided during registration. A temporary password will be emailed to you to access the site. You will then be prompted to create a new password.
Q: Why am I being asked to rate my driver/shipper?
A: We believe it’s important for others to know if the shipper/driver had a good experience with their shipping partner. This rating system allows the Shipperoo community to provide feedback to each other on the quality of the drivers and shippers.
Q: Will a smaller vehicle like a mini-van work for deliveries?
A: Yes! Nearly all types of shipments and cargo services are possible on Shipperoo. To specify the type of equipment you have, visit your driver profile settings. Once you’ve set your profile, you’ll get email notifications based on your specifications.
Q: What type of shipments can I post?
A: As a shipper, you can post any type of shipments. Regardless of the size or nature of your shipment, in just a few easy steps your shipment will be visible to driving professionals across the country.
Q: Can I bid on multiple shipments?
A: Yes! Clicking on the “View Bids” tab will allow you to see all your current bids.
Q: What is an active bid?
A: An active bid is a bid that you are in the process of bidding on. Once the bidding is closed and the shipper has selected a driver, the bid is no longer active.
Q: Will I get a tracking number?
A: Not from Shipperoo, but you may be able to get a tracking number from your selected driver depending on their level of technology. Shipperoo matches the shipper and the driver. Once the match is made, the driver and shipper communicate to work out the details of delivery. Shipperoo is not the “shipper” of your goods. Please be aware there are fraudulent merchants on other online platforms providing fake tracking numbers they claim are from Shipperoo. Again, we do not provide tracking numbers. If you are suspicious of a merchant or believe you have been the victim of a fraudulent transaction we recommend you report the incident to the appropriate agencies immediately.